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Yamaha DMC Afterburner Comp Yamaha ATV Exhaust Systems

The twin exhaust for the Raptor 250 performs exceedingly well, delivering smooth and controllable power at every stage of the powerband. Perfect exhaust flow, volume, and scavenging means roll-on power is right there in your fingertips. This summer's biggest surprise is the Raptor 250. This popular quad is just too irresistible to leave alone. DMC has created a twin system that turns this 'lil angel into a 'lil monster!


The new Twin Afterburner for the Raptor 700 is a true "twin" with an independent, high-flow, stepped, stainless steel header and mid pipe for each exhaust port. Simply said: no merge collector! Header lengths are tuned to maximize exhaust scavenging and flow.

This System delivers on its promise of horsepower and torque! After all, that's what it's all about! The new Raptor 700 has been designed, tested, and track proven to blow away any aftermarket exhaust and your competition has every reason to be frightened like little schoolgirls.



Installation on this monster is a snap. No need to bang, hammer, cut, saw, abuse, or otherwise wrestle with parts or your Raptor. You can go from out of the box to out in front in a matter of minutes.

The words “power” and “performance” are often overused. Although they summarize what you want out of an exhaust, maybe other words like “awesome” and “incredible” should come into the mix. Whether your ATV is your hobby or your life, you want the most out of it. DMC exhausts are designed, developed, and tested for each ATV to deliver on that awesome factor. These systems have been race hardened by National Champions the world over and deliver on the promise of unparalleled performance.  


DMC Full System Exhausts are on Sale Now!  Sale Prices to low to advertise on the Internet!!!

Call Toll Free 888-533-6335 or Click Email for Price link below to email us for a price quote.



Part #



YAMAHA   Click here to see why we can't show Sales Prices
RAPTOR 250  08-10 25441-00 Twin Full System Anodized Call or Email for Pricing

Click here to Email for Price

or call 888-533-6335

  25442-01 Slip On Anodized $260.06 Add to Cart
YFZ450 04-09 25429-00 Full System Anodized Call or Email for Pricing

Click here to Email for Price

or call 888-533-6335

  25429-01 Slip On Anodized $260.06 Add to Cart
YFZ450R/X 09-11 25453-00 Full System Anodized Call or Email for Pricing

Click here to Email for Price

or call 888-533-6335

  25453-01 Slip On Anodized $260.06 Add to Cart
RAPTOR 700 25427-00 Twin Full System Anodized Call or Email for Pricing

Click here to Email for Price

or call 888-533-6335

  25427-06 Twin Heat Shield $49.07 Add to Cart
  25990-10 DMC EFI Module


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KG is a tire dealer carrying DMC Afterburner Comp Exhaust Systems for Yamaha ATV's at discount prices. We carry the Afterburner Comp Exhaust in Slip On or Full System Exhausts for the YFZ450, Raptor 250 and Raptor 700. We also carry tune up items such as K&N Air Filters, DID Chains, YUASA Batteries, Fluidyne Radiators and EBC Brakes. KG specializes in ATV tires for almost any model you ride, including Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Polaris and many others. We also feature tires for many different applications including motocross, street, dirt, enduro/dual sport and Sand. No matter what design or style of tread you need, you can contact us for availability and KG's sale price at the link below We offer fast shipping and free UPS and FED EX ground shipping on orders over $100.00. friendly customer service support. We strive to provide customers top quality products, at discount prices while providing outstanding service along with the fastest shipping possible. In the event the products are not in stock, or will not be available within two days, we will notify the customer immediately to discuss options or cancellation of order.  We will not, under any circumstances, place a customer on backorder without first notifying them.

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KG Motorcycle Tires & Accessories sells brand new tires only.  Absolutely no blemished and no used tires.  Thousands of Motorcycle tires, ATV tires, Specialty tires, and Inner Tubes in stock & ready to ship