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Dirt Tamer ATV TireGBC Dirt Tamer TireGBC Dirt Tamer ATV Tire

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The GBC Dirt Tamer tires are a 6 ply rated tire, you will notice a difference when replacing factory tires with the Tamers. The GBC Dirt Tamer has as a stiffer sidewall, extreme durability and performed well in every trail condition we were able to find including hard pack, sand, grass, mud and especially rock. The Dirt Tamers are solid and durable tires which outperform the factory tires by far.


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Dirt Tamer Tire Wheel Kit

Tamer Tire and Wheel Kits



28/32nds of an inch tread depth.

Part No.


Single Tires (ea.) are in White

Complete Set of 4 tires are in yellow



AR122816 GBC Dirt Tamer 25x8.00-12 6Ply $99.73 ea. Add to Cart
AR122916 GBC Dirt Tamer 25x9.00-12 6Ply $109.63 ea. Add to Cart

Save on a set of 4  25" Tires - 2 Fronts & 2 Rears

2 ea. 25x8.00-12 & 2 ea. 25x9.00-12

$378.72 Set Add to Cart
AR122926 GBC Dirt Tamer 26x9.00-12 6Ply $123.53 ea. Add to Cart
AR122216 GBC Dirt Tamer 26x12.00-12 6Ply $128.82 ea. Add to Cart

Save on a set of 4  26" Tires - 2 Fronts & 2 Rears

2 ea. 26x9.00-12 & 2 ea. 26x12.00-12

$464.70 Set Add to Cart
AR122936 GBC Dirt Tamer 27x9.00-12 6Ply $122.21 ea. Add to Cart
AR122226 GBC Dirt Tamer 27x12.00-12 6Ply $136.07 ea. Add to Cart

Save on a set of 4  27" Tires - 2 Fronts & 2 Rears

2 ea. 27x9.00R12 & 2 ea. 27x12.00R12
$476.56 Set Add to Cart


KG is a dealer selling GBC Dirt Tamer Tires at discount prices. We carry the GBC Dirt Tamer UTV Tires for almost any model including Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Polaris Can Am, Arctic Cat and many others. We also feature tires for many different applications including motocross, street, dirt, sand, Enduro and Dual Sport. No matter what design or style of tread you need, you can contact us for availability at the link belowWe offer fast shipping and free shipping,  UPS and FED EX ground, on orders over $100.00. Friendly customer service support. We strive to provide customers top quality products, at discount prices while providing outstanding service along with the fastest shipping possible. In the event the products are not in stock, or will not be available within two days, we will notify the customer immediately to discuss options or cancellation of order.  We will not, under any circumstances, place a customer on backorder without first notifying them. No matter what design or style of tread you need, you can contact us for availability and KG's sale price at the link below or call us toll free at 888-533-6335. 

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