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Yuasa YuMicron Batteries


The Yuasa YuMicron gives you a powerful advantage. Its high technology separators allow two extra plates per cell to be installed, for a 30% improvement in cranking performance. This added power is an outstanding benefit for heavily accessorized machines or high compression engines. Its high cranking power is also a real bonus for easier starting. 90 Day Warranty.



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These batteries are shipped dry, No Acid Included, you will need to purchase some through a local parts store.


Please be sure you have received the correct battery for your model before filling battery with acid. Batteries Filled with Acid cannot be returned or exchanged.


Click Here for Application Guide:   Battery Application Guide




Part # Price   Part # Price  
51913 $81.67 Add to Cart   YB14LA2 $59.15 Add to Cart
YB2.5LC $38.08 Add to Cart   YB14LB2 $64.77 Add to Cart
YB3LA $43.21 Add to Cart   HYB16AAB $87.06 Add to Cart
YB4LA $46.91 Add to Cart   YB16ALA2 $72.95 Add to Cart
YB4LB $37.95 Add to Cart   YB16B $69.58 Add to Cart
YB5LB $38.24 Add to Cart   YB16BA $93.68 Add to Cart
YB7A $46.30 Add to Cart   YB16BA-1 $87.15 Add to Cart
YB7BB $49.46 Add to Cart   YB16BCX $81.74 Add to Cart
YB7CA $51.22 Add to Cart   YB16CB $80.89 Add to Cart
YB7LB $55.12 Add to Cart   YB16CLB $69.02 Add to Cart
YB9AA $54.24 Add to Cart   YB16HLACX $80.89 Add to Cart
YB9B $51.20 Add to Cart   YB16LB $72.12 Add to Cart
YB9LA2 $61.98 Add to Cart   YB18A $73.80 Add to Cart
YB10AA2 $55.82 Add to Cart   YB18LA $73.80 Add to Cart
YB10LA2 $55.82 Add to Cart   YB30CLB $100.68 Add to Cart
YB10LB $59.04 Add to Cart   YB30LB $91.39 Add to Cart
YB10LB2 $59.04 Add to Cart   SY50N18LAT $78.56 Add to Cart
YB12AA $54.84 Add to Cart   SYB14LA2 $86.08 Add to Cart
YB12AB $66.26 Add to Cart   SYB14LB2 $104.78 Add to Cart
YB12ALA $57.43 Add to Cart   SYB16LB $89.44 Add to Cart
YB12ALA2 $57.43 Add to Cart   Y50N18AA $94.89 Add to Cart
YB12CA $57.92 Add to Cart   Y50N18LA $70.99 Add to Cart
YB14A2 $59.15 Add to Cart   Y50N18LA3 $70.99 Add to Cart
YB14AA1 $61.62 Add to Cart   Y50N18LACX $83.60 Add to Cart
YB14AA2 $59.15 Add to Cart   Y60N24ALB $93.66 Add to Cart
YB14B2 $64.77 Add to Cart   YHD12 $92.60 Add to Cart
YB14LA1 $64.15 Add to Cart        

KG Motorcycle is a dealer with a large selection of the Yuasa YuMicron Batteries at discount prices.  KG has a large selection of Yuasa Power Sports Batteries for Motorcycles, ATV, Utility Vehicles, Scooter, PWC, Snow Mobiles and more. We carry batteries for Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Honda Gold Wing, Suzuki, Polaris and many others. We also feature tires for many different applications including motocross, street, dirt, enduro/dual sport and Ice. No matter what design or style of tread you need, you can contact us for availability and KG's sale price at the link below We offer fast shipping and free UPS and FED EX ground shipping on orders over $100.00. friendly customer service support. We strive to provide customers top quality products, at discount prices while providing outstanding service along with the fastest shipping possible. In the event the products are not in stock, or will not be available within two days, we will notify the customer immediately to discuss options or cancellation of order.  We will not, under any circumstances, place a customer on backorder without first notifying them

If you have specific questions email us at